Welcome to the web site of Mother of Divine Grace Parish! I am Father Walter J. Benn, Pastor of this wonderful parish, which is located in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is known as a city of neighborhoods. Many of those neighborhoods were established when various ethnic groups gathered in the same location to maintain their cultural and spiritual traditions in the New World. Mother of Divine Grace Parish was founded in 1926 in an effort to minister to the new wave of Italian immigrants who were coming to America. We are a modest size parish of about 450 families. Although the majority of our parishioners maintain their Italian heritage, there are a growing number of parishioners of non-Italian descent.

In order to get a sense of our parish, I would encourage you to visit the various “Tabs” on our web site. They will give you a sense of what we are about and what we are striving to become. Parents of school age children will find the School’s web site especially helpful. WEB sites can be helpful in many ways; however, nothing will give one a sense of MDG like personal experience. If you are a person or family who is looking for a community in which to establish your spiritual roots, I would encourage you to include a personal experience of Mother of Divine Grace Parish in your decision making. Come among us and take the time to experience our parish. When you do, you will see that we are not perfect, but you will find a group of believers who are proud of their parish, proud of their Italian heritage, proud of their neighborhood and proud of their Catholic Faith.

And remember! “It’s not sauce; it’s Gravy!”


Please plan on attending the 2017 Italian Festival!

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