2016-2017 School Calendar

Mother of Divine Grace School
Early Dismissals and School Holidays

As of August 9, 2016


*Wednesday, September 7th                   1 PM Dismissal

*Thursday, September 8th                      1 PM Dismissal

*Friday, September 9th                            12 PM Dismissal

*Thursday, October 20th                      12 PM Dismissal Progress Report Conferences

*Friday, October 21st                        Staff In Service School Closed

*Wednesday, November 23rd                   12 PM Dismissal

*Thursday, November 24th                     Happy Thanksgiving! School Closed

*Friday, November 25th                          Thanksgiving Holiday School Closed

*Thursday, December 8th                       Immaculate Conception -Holy Day of Obligation School Closed

*Friday, December 9th                          12PM Dismissal

*Wednesday, December 21st                   12 PM Dismissal

*Thursday, December 22nd                     Pastor’s Holiday School Closed

*Friday, December 23rd -Monday, January 2nd    Christmas Break School Closed

*Monday, January 16th                           Martin Luther King, Jr. School Closed

*Friday, February 17th                           Staff Retreat School Closed

*Monday, February 20th                                     Presidents’Day School Closed

*Monday, March 20th                             Staff In Service School Closed


*Wednesday, April 12th                          12PM Dismissal

*Thursday, April 13th                             Holy Thursday School Closed

*Friday, April 14th                                 Good Friday School Closed

*Monday, April 17th                               Easter Monday School Closed


*Thursday, May 5th                                Staff In Service School Closed

*Thursday, May 25th                               Ascension Thursday – Holy Day of Obligation School Closed

*Friday, May 26th                                   School Holiday   School Closed

*Monday, May 29th                                 Memorial Day School Closed

*Monday, June 5th                                  12 PM Dismissal

*Tuesday, June 6th                                 12 PM Dismissal

*Wednesday, June 7th                             12 PM Dismissal

*Thursday, June 8th                                12 PM Dismissal

*Friday, June 9th                                   12 PM Dismissal

*Monday, June 12th                                12 PM Dismissal

*Tuesday, June 13th                                12 PM Dismissal

*Wednesday, June 14th                           12 PM Dismissal

*Thursday, June 15th                              11 AM Dismissal Last day of school