Adult Spiritual Life

Recognizing the spiritual needs of the adults in our parish, Mother of Divine Grace Parish sponsors a number of programs and activities geared for the spiritual renewal of all its adult members. Some of these programs are regularly scheduled such as the Parish Scripture Study and Catholic Returning Home. Others are specially scheduled events such as a Parish “Woman’s Retreat”, “Parish Men’s Retreat”, activites related to the World Meeting of Families or specially invited speakers who will address such topics as establishing a personal prayer life, addictions, challenging teens, etc. Listed below are brief descriptions of parish programs currently in place. You are encouraged to check this web site regularly for new programs or events that will be developed in the future. We encourage all to contribute to the efforts of this group, with your suggestions.

Family Prayer Group: Meets on the 1st Wedesday of each month in the former Grace House[ 2615 E.Cambria Street]. This is a parish group established to offer spiritual support to all members of all families, espcially to mothers & fathers/ husbands & wives. It is an opportunity for mothers & fathers/husbands & wives to reaffirm their efforts to create a home & family in the spirit of our Catholic beliefs. The format of the gatherings includes group prayer, along with group discussions on issues confronting spouses and parents in their efforts to live in a extremely secular world. Each month’s topic is keyed to suggestions found in the World Meeting of Families catechism.

Men’s Prayer Group: This is a group open to the adult men of the area. It meets for one hour on the 2nd Friday of each month in the Rectory Chapel at 8PM. It’s purpose is to offer the men of the surrounding parishes an opportunity tp gather as Catholic men. Basic format of this one hour: Offers time for quiet prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, Group Prayer [e.g. Rosary], offers the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconcilaiation; offers the opportunity to discuss issues particualr to Men.

RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. This is a yearly program offered by the parish for those adults/young adults who wish to become Catholic. It is also the appropriate program for adults who were baptized as Catholics, but never received any formal instruction in the Faith, or receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist or Confirmation. It consists of a group instruction, meeting weekly between September and Easter on Tuesday evenings [7 – 8:15PM]. Regardless of previous formation, everyone starts off at the same level. It is highly recommended that those considering this decision contact Fr. Walter Benn so that they can make more of an informed decision. If at any time in the process, one feels they need to step back from the program, they are free and encouraged to do so.

Scripture Study: Most adults are completely unfamiliar with the Sacred Scriptures, and because they do, feel uncomfortable discussing them, even though they have a genuine interest in what God has to say to us. Also, they are anxious to learn how to use scripture as a starting point for their personal prayer. MDG’s Scripture Study Program runs twice a year: 10-11weeks in the fall {September>early December} and 10-11 weeks in the winter/spring {January > March}. The program focuses on a particular book of the Bible e.g. Book of Genesis or the Gospel of Mark. Participants receive a Commentary + booklet of suggested question for each week. Those questions become the basis for a group discussion that last 1 hour. Following the group discussion, there is a 20 minute video that reflects on that weeks topics. Participants need not worry about what they don’t know, but what they and their fellow participants will learn.
*Autumn 2016 Study dates will be announced near the end of the summer.

Catholics Returning Home: A six week program designed to assist Catholics who have been away from the life of the Church. The purpose of CRH is to offer Catholics an opportunity to address issues that may have factored into their drifting out of the life of the Church. It is a small group program characterized by strict confidentiality. There are no tests or guilt, just the opportunity to discuss issues;vent frustrations, discover solutions; experience healing and rediscover how much the Church loves you. CRH is offered 2-3 times a year based on responses from invitations/advertisements placed in the Parish Bulletin, WEB site and communications through the Parish School . It has been a great source of healing and renewal for many Catholics. It is very important to participate from the opening evening.

Men’s Retreat/Women’s Retreat: This is a work in progress. Individual retreats for the women of our parish and for the men of our parish has been a goal of the Evangelization Committee. This year [2013-14] we intend to make them a reality. As of this writing there are no particulars, but we hope that those of you reading this will be excited about it and willing to participate in them. Ideally, it would be nice to offer an overnight or weekend experience; however, we need to determine if this is something within the personal schedule & finances of many of our parishioners. Your feed-back will be most helpful. One day retreats are also a possibility.

Special Speakers: Right now we have a number of topics which we think would be of great interest to parishioners. Now all we have to do is find the speakers and arrange some dates. Again, the Evangelization Committee would love to hear from parishioners about topics that are of interest and concern to them.

Special Devotions:
1] 40 Hours Devotions.
2] Parish May Procession.
3] Devotional Service focusing on St. Joseph.
4] Additional times for Confessions during Lent.
5] Week long addoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Church, concluding with a Holy Hour [7-8PM] during the week preceeding the World Meeting of Famiies.
Begins each day with 8AM Mass in Church, with the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the alter throughout the day. Concludes with a Holy Hour [7-8PM]