Back to School Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to a new academic year at Mother of Divine Grace School. I hope you and your children enjoyed your summer holidays so that you and they are refreshed anew to begin a great school year. I would like to share some thoughts with you as we begin our new year together.

Success in school is not something that comes easily to every child. All children regardless of their ability need a structure–a set of rules–which helps to meet the demands of school. It is easier to stay “caught up” later in the year. Some children are very independent and can handle several activities at once, but most children, no matter how old, need an adult to guide them through their homework and to check carefully to see that they are keeping up with assignments.

There are some simple rules that can help you to manage your child’s success at school. Now is the time to plan for a successful school year regardless of how well or poorly your child did last year.


  1. Talk to your child about school. Make a list of his/her interests and concerns. Write down your concerns. If last year was not a success, send a note to his/her teacher regarding your concern, so that this year is better. Do not assume that a teacher or school knows about your child’s special talents or problems. It is a good idea to send the teacher a note to introduce your child. It will help the teacher to help your child.


  1. Set a schedule for your child’s activities and have it followed every day. Schedule a time for homework when you or an adult will be available for questions. Make sure it is a time when you and your child will not be too tired. Most children can handle homework best after a short break for play, TV or a snack after school. When scheduling, remember practice times for sports or other family activities that will change the schedule. Check our child’s homework every night. It never hurts to sign it even if it is not required.


  1. Keep a list of special dates and due dates for book reports and other projects posted on the refrigerator. Children feel best about school when they are on time with their work. Read the newsletter and calendars that come home and talk to your child about them.


  1. Remember special school events in which your child is involved. Talk about them even if you cannot attend. Let your child know that you are interested and proud. Encourage your child to try after school activities and school clubs.


  1. Make a big deal about special awards on small certificates that your child earns at school. These special honors mean a great deal to a child and help him/her feel good about school. Many awards are given to only one child in a class or one child in the whole school. These are important!


  1. Make sure that a least one parent without exception attends Home and School meetings and conference meetings. It shows your child how important his/her work is to you. Stay in touch with the teacher. Call with your questions or concerns as they arise. Do not wait until report card time to check on work.


  1. Check out the unusual story that comes home by calling school to speak with the teacher. More than one night of no homework is a warning sign. If something stressful is going on at home, call the teacher so that he/she can assist your child if he/she becomes upset at school. This is especially important during testing.


  1. Make sure that your child is on time and present each day. Children should not miss school unless they are sick. Sick children should not be sent to school. Dental appointment s and other family business need to be scheduled after school.


Your child will benefit when you take an active role in his/her education. Becoming your child’s school manager in not difficult. The result will be good habits that will help your child for years to come. Becoming your child’s manager lets him/her know that he/she is important and that doing well in school is an important investment for your family. Do not get hooked on buying expensive programs that promise success. Invest your time instead of your money in your child’s future by reading to your child and managing his/her academic year.


Enjoy your academic year with us. Let us pray for each other as we support each other in Catholic education.


Mrs. Jane White Lockhart, Principal