Evangelization Committee

Parish Evangelization Committee

Nationally, 70-75% of all Catholics no longer participate in the life of the Church, nor do they seek Our Lord in what centers us as Catholics,namely, the celebration of the Eucharist. Mother of Divine Grace’s Evangelization Committee is a group of parishioners, solicited, directed and tasked by the pastor to pursue all avenues of inviting/ inspiring those Catholics who are among us, yet, are no longer with us. These efforts can take many forms:

Assisting in the Catholics Returning Home program.

Conducting the parish RCIA program.

Sponsoring the parish Children’s Liturgy of the Word Program {10:30 AM Sunday Mass}.

Arranging for special speakers that would be informational and inspiring on subjects such as bullying, annulments, teen spirituality, addictions {alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, pornography}, the pedophile scandal, etc.

Offering programs on personal prayer or the teachings of the church on various issues.

The Evangelization Committee also seeks to draw people back to the Eucharist, through special liturgies and by promoting Eucharistic celebrations that are more inclusive by working with such groups as the Home & School Association and the Parish School; e.g., MDG’s once a month Student’s Sunday Mass.

As can be said of every parish, Mother of Divine Grace Parish is not so much a divided flock as we are a fractured flock. So many of our members are looking at everything outside themselves for stability and peace in their lives, when they need to look to our Lord & their parish family for what could be the real source of direction in their lives. The purpose of the Evangelization Committee is to do all in its power to invite, inspire and assist those who are looking for a way to come home! Its work is characterized by being non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential.

Current Members of the Evangelization Committee:

Esteban & Maria Alegre
Kathryn Jones
Megan DiMarco
Fr. Walter Benn
Anelka Szaruga
Regina McGinley