Finance Committee

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee serves the parish in the following ways:

1.The Parish Finance Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Pastor, particularly in identifying the priorities of how the parish’s financial resources should be allocated. Finance Committee has no powers of its own.

2.The Parish Finance Committee assists the Pastor in his Stewardship of all parish properties and advises him accordingly.

3. Each member of the Parish Finance Committee is expected to lead by personal example through their spiritual, social and financial involvement in the weekly life of the parish. The spirit of Stewardship should be an identifying mark in each member of the Parish Finance Committee.

4. As individuals and as a group, members of Parish Finance Committee are expected to contribute to the financial welfare of the parish by their personal participation in the fund raising efforts of the parish.

All members of the Parish Finance Committee are appointed by the pastor.

Parish Finance Committee meets four times a year. Additionally, if circumstances dictate. One of these meetings includes a joint meeting with the Parish Pastoral Council.

Current members of the Parish Finance Committee:
Fr. Walter Benn
Joe Briscella
Pat D’Angelo
Kate Kelly
Jane Lockhart
John Primerano
Matthew DiMarco