Home & School Association Board

Mission Statement

In conjunction with the Mission Statement of Mother of Divine Grace School we act to serve our schoolchildren, school faculty and parish in a light most favorable to our Christian community. This Association shall continue to help the school increase and improve its services to the children; attempt to act in the promotion of parent/school activities and to increase, on the part of its members, interest in education and civic affairs; attempt to increase volunteerism on the part of parents of school children, shall continue to attempt to fundraise in order to provide useful supplemental support to the school children.

Home and School Association Board

Your 2013/2014 school year Home & School Association Board will consist of:
Chrissy Yancer, President cyancer@motherdivinegrace.com
Lisa Savoie, Vice President/Fundraising Coordinator lsavoie@motherdivinegrace.com
Mina Dever, Treasurer mdever@motherdivinegrace.com
Megan DiMarco, Communication Secretary mdimarco@motherdivinegrace.com
Katie Shapley, Recording Secretary kshapley@motherdivinegrace.com

Thank you for making the past year a great success. We look forward to another great year.