Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministries Description Lector:

Proclaims God’s Word: 1st Reading {Old testament} and 2Nd Reading {New Testament}

When not sung, the Lector will also lead the congregation in the Responsorial Psalm which takes place between the 1st and 2nd Readings.

The Lector leads congregation in the Prayers of the Faithful.

Lectors are scheduled on a regular cycle. We try to accommodate their personal schedule, but expect that they will attempt to accommodate the needs of the Parish.

Lectors are also expected to be available for Mass during Holy Days, particularly Christmas and Holy Week.

All new Lectors must participate in a minimum of training. This usually consists of a one hour session.

Contact Person: Gloria Discher [215] 634-2746


As the title implies, the Greeter, “Greets”! The Greeter does not have to be one person. Couples, whole families, young adults are especially sought for this ministry. The ministry of Greeter is one of the most important ministries in our parish; primarily, because the Greeter is the first person who many people, especially visitors, meet from Mother of Divine Grace Parish. The Greeter puts a face on our parish for everyone who comes to our door, and is in a position to inspire them to return.

Standing either inside or outside of the church’s main doors 15 minutes before each scheduled liturgy, the Greeter welcomes those arriving for Mass. This does not have to be anything complicated; a simple “Hello” or “Good Morning” is all that is required.

Being able to answer people’s questions can be very helpful. It can be something as simple as “Where’s the bathroom?” or “Where do I put this food donation?” or “What time are the Holy Day’s Masses this week?” or “When is school registration?” or “Where’s the Maternity Station?”

Greeters are also asked to assist the Ushers hand out the Parish Bulletin in the rear of church, at the conclusion of Mass.

Contact Person: Regina McGinley [215] 423-4408

Like the Greeters, Ushers are the first persons that visitors meet when they come to church.

They bear the responsibility of creating the first impressions that guests have of our parish and can contribute to setting a positive tone for that liturgy. Courtesy, a smile and a helpful attitude should always be part of an Usher’s equipment.

Ushers are asked to recruit two people who will bring up the gifts of bread & wine at the Offertory; this should be done before Mass.

Ushers are responsible for taking up the two collections at each Mass {during the Offertory and following Communion}.

In the past, the ministry of Usher was served by adult men. However, all men, women, couples, teenagers, students and parent/child combinations are welcome to take up the ministry of Usher in Mother of Divine Grace Parish!

Contact Person: Fr. Benn [215]739-0353

Altar Server:

Traditionally, altar servers have been drawn from the parish youth, grades 4 through 8. Invitations to become an altar server are made in the autumn of each year. All candidates must participate in “practices”, until the pastor considers them ready to serve. N.B. Because of the dwindling numbers of youth volunteering for this ministry, the parish is considering appealing to the adults of the parish to serve in this ministry.

Contact Person: Fr. Benn [215-739-0353


Candidates for the Ministry of Cantor must have a minimum of musical skills; be able to read music; work with the parish Music Director and {don’t laugh} carry a tune.

Presently, Cantors are scheduled for the Saturday 4:30PM Vigil Mass and the Sunday 10:30AM Mass. As with Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers, we try to accommodate Cantors personal schedule, but expect the Cantors to be flexible when parish circumstances warrant. This is particularly true during Christmas and Holy Week.

As with all ministries, a minimum of training is required before beginning this ministry, unless the candidate has already received training from a competent Catholic liturgical authority elsewhere.

Contact Person: Angie Clair [267] 809-4161
As of November 4, 2013 Mother of Divine Grace’s Choir has been re-constituted. We seek to expand and improve the quality and range of our choir. Consequently, new members are welcome and appreciated. Practices are on Monday evenings starting at 6:30PM. Please contact Choir Director Angie Clair at[267]809-4161

Eucharistic Minister:

The purpose & role of the Eucharistic Minister is two-fold: (1) to assist the celebrant at Mass with the distribution of Holy Communion so as not to unnecessarily prolong the length of the Eucharistic celebration. They are to help with the distribution of the Blessed Sacrament in either the form of the Precious Body or the Precious Blood [chalice]. (2) When possible, and only with the authorization of the parish priest, to take the Blessed Sacrament to the home-bound of the parish.

Like Ushers and Cantors, Eucharistic Ministers are scheduled on a rotating basis. We try to accommodate the EM’s personal schedule, but need for the EM to accommodate the parish’s liturgical needs, particularly during Christmas and Holy Week.

Contact Person: Regina McGinley [215]423-4408

Leader of the Children’s Liturgy of the Word :

Presently, the Children’s Liturgy of the Word [CLW] is offered only at the 10:30AM Sunday Mass. We would like to offer CLW at the other two scheduled Masses {4:40PM Vigil Mass and 8:30AM Sunday Mass} as additional leaders become available.

CLW is an effort to offer our children [Pre-K >2nd Grade] an opportunity to hear that celebration’s Scriptures on their level and be led in a discussion of those Readings on their level. The children are invited to participate in the CLW by the celebrant after the Opening Prayer; they are led by their leader/moderator to the church Sacristy for their CLW session and are dismissed to return to their parents by the Prayers of the Faithful.

The Leader of the CLW session must be college age or older. They can be a parent or team of parents, single or senior citizen.

The Leader of the CLW is provided with a program manual and asked to follow it.
Because of the Archdiocese’ strict Child Protection policies, the Leader of CLW must submit for a Police background check and attend a Child Protection training session. We ask that those interested in being a Leader in the CLW program not to be discouraged by this requirement. It is not as involved or time consuming as one might think. Over 40 of the salaried & volunteered staff of our parish, who interact with our children, have participated in this form of preparation.

Contact Person: Fr. Walter Benn [215]739-0353 /Pasquale Stendardo

N.B. * None of us are perfect, but all liturgical ministers must strive to match in both their private and public life the sanctity of the ministry in which they serve. Candidate’s lives should include weekly celebration of the Eucharist and a following of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

* Minister’s attire should reflect the sacredness of their role. Although, not required, it is preferred that men wear shirt and tie. Both women and men should take care that any casual wear they choose to wear, isn’t too casual!

* There is no ministry that is the exclusive domain of men or women or youth. All parishioners are encouraged to present themselves for these liturgical ministries. “Teams” of engaged/married couples, parent/ child or siblings/classmates are welcomed and encouraged!