Mission Statement

Mother Of Divine Grace School
A small school with a BIG HEART!

At the heart of Catholic education is the student’s instruction in Catholic doctrine and Christian values. No other goals supersede that of leading a student to a greater knowledge of and a more profound love for God.

As an extension of this goal, the school’s aim is to develop the student’s intellectual competencies, to make him/her aware of his/her responsibility to use God-given talents for the good of society, to encourage him/her to be sensitive to the needs of local and global communities and to be committed to the cause of peace and justice both nationally and internationally. We believe these goals are best realized when the family and school community work together to assure the student that he/she is special, loved and called to make a difference in the world.

Mother of Divine Grace Community continually strives to provide a Christ-centered environment that permeates the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social life of the student. We, the administration and faculty of Mother of Divine Grace School, willingly assume the responsibility for the spiritual and academic development of students entrusted to our care. Therefore, we expect parents to be supportive of these efforts in their collaboration with us, not only through financial support of the parish, but most importantly by providing their children with a home environment which is conducive to the growth of Christian values and virtues.