Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council

The role of every Parish Pastoral Council is three-fold:

1. To act as an advisor to the Pastor.

2. To act as an extension of the Pastor’s leadership, through their personal example and participation in the life of the parish. The spirit of Stewardship should be an identifying mark of each member of the Parish Pastoral Council.

3. Communications: Parish Council members should contribute to the general health of the parish community by:

a) Acting as communicators of the pastor’s vision & agenda for Mother of Divine Grace Parish to the parishioners. Members of Parish Council should also communicate the reasons for decisions made within the parish.

b) Acting as a voice for the parishioners, communicating their hopes, concerns and priorities to the pastor.

c) Correcting rumors.

d) Encouraging parishioner participation in the liturgical and social life of the parish, by their own participation in the spiritual, social and financial life of the parish.

Parish Pastoral Council meets with the pastor four times a year, generally between September and June. One of these meetings includes a joint meeting with the Parish Finance Committee.

Parish Pastoral Council consists of 12 members: six are elected; three are appointed by the pastor and three are Ex-Officio {e.g. Principal of the Parish School and a representative from the Finance Committee}. Generally, Pastoral Council members serve a term of three years. Nomination and election of new Pastoral Council members are conducted as the number of its membership dictate.

Current members of Pastoral Council:

Father Walter Benn
Marianne Boyle
Joe D’Angelo
Gloria Discher
Patty Ellis
Sandy Grosso
Patricia Grosso
Jane Lockhart
Jay McCarrie
Regina McGinley
Anelka Szaruga
Theresa Valentino
Theresa Varillo