Principal’s Message

Mrs. Jane White Lockhart
Mother of Divine Grace Catholic School
2612 East Monmouth Street
Philadelphia PA 19134

Dear Mother of Divine Grace Community,

People have asked me why I am a Catholic educator. I decided to write a personal statement and share it with all of you. Hopefully, this statement will give everyone a clear picture of why I chose and continue to be a Catholic educator.

• That my life and career as an educator would honor the women who influenced my learning and had a passion for education – Mrs. Debbie Roman (Saint Anne), Sister Kathleen Klarich,RSM (John W. Hallahan), Dr. Clare Sullivan (Holy Family University), Mrs. Mary Solecki (Saint Bernard), Mrs. Sue Klunder (Archdiocese of Philadelphia) .

• To be a passionate teacher and administrator.

• To be a Catholic role model.

• To live my life in such a way that I am example of how to live life in love, acceptance, forgiveness, and fun.

• To nurture a relationship with my students; empowering them to believe that they can succeed, and that their effort produces awesome achievement.

• To celebrate my students’ individual learning, ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic differences, drawing them to a place of unity as a class and as human beings.

• To provide an exciting, motivating, and challenging learning environment with quality instruction that celebrates our differences and unifies us for service in the worldwide community.

• To use and allow students to use technology at every opportunity in the classroom and for assignments and projects; thus allowing students’ creativity room to flourish and expand.

• To promote a love of learning through the development of critical cognitive skills so that my students might become lifelong learners.

• To encourage and motivate students, no matter what, that staying in school and continuing their education well into the ranks of higher education is one of the most valuable things they can ever do.

• To treasure, respect, nurture, praise, and encourage my students daily because I care about them.

• To work hard as an educator and contribute, sponsor, and participate in extra activities that interest my students.

• To teach my students a sense of responsibility for themselves, one another, their school, community, and our planet.

• To have high expectations of my students and the patience to help guide them to reach those expectations.

• To develop the whole student, not just so they know content, but so they are ready for college, to enter the workforce, and have families that love each other and their neighbors.


Jane White Lockhart