In the light of the Church’s mission to defend Life in all its stages, Mother of Divine Grace Parish seeks to establish a Parish Pro-Life Committee. The purpose of this Committee would be keep our parishioners informed of the many Pro-Life issues taking place in our State, Country & City. A second purpose of the parish Pro-Life committee would be to offer parishioners opportunities to be involved in promoting and defending the sacredness of all Life. This could be something as simple as encouraging our elected leaders to act, with the power of their vote, for/against legislature that affirms or threatens Life. Many times such action takes the form of e mailing our elected leaders with a brief message. MDG’s Pro-Life Committee would provide parishioners with quick and easy ways of doing this. Other forms of activities promoted by this committee would be to sponsor a bus to Washington D. C. for the annual March for Life , which is usually held around the third week of January. These are only examples of what a dynamic Pro-Life Committee can do. Our pastor, Fr. Walter Benn invites anyone who recognizes the importance of this mission to consider being a part of Mother of Divine Grace’s Pro-Life Committee. If interested, please contact him at or call [215]739-0353.

Listed below are Pro-Life web sites that provide helpful commentary & information on Pro-Life issues. Sites such as the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference or the National Pro-Life Alliance can be especially helpful:

Pennsylvania Catholic Conference:

National Pro-Life Alliance:

Priests for Life:

National committee for a Human Life Amendment:

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Archdiocese of Philadelphia:

Be Not Afraid, Inc: {This is a support organization dedicated to providing guidence &support to couples who have received a poor pre-natal diagnosis about their baby}
Lily’s Gift: www.Lily’ This is a network of concerned parents and professionals who have experienced or worked closely with issues surrounding poor prenatal diagnosis