Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry
Presently, Mother of Divine Grace Parish seeks to re-establish a Ministry to the Youth of our parish. We desire that this group be characterized by the following:
The Spiritual: By creative means, the spirituality, teachings & values of our Catholic Faith should be emphasized within the group.
Service: A sense of Service to the Parish, “the neighborhood” and greater community.
Social: The group should be a source of fun amongst themselves……and lots of it!
Leadership: Under the guidance and encouragement of adult leaders, leadership skills should be cultivated among all members of the group.
Adult Leadership: We seek a dedicated core of adults who are willing to promote these four cornerstones of the MDG’s Youth Ministry. Once the Adult Leadership Team has been formed, we will progress with the formation of the Youth Group itself!
I invite feedback & suggestions from the youth of our parish, as well as any adult who is interested in contributing to this critical ministry within our parish. E mail me through the Parish Office; call me at [215] 739-0353; FaceBook us through MDG’s School FaceBook @MotherofDivineGraceCatholicSchool.